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Magic hose pipe

Magic hose pipe

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The all-rounder

Discover the ultimate garden water hose - your trusty companion for effortless watering and versatile uses in the garden, on the farm or when washing your car. This garden water hose offers flexibility and functionality with a durable TPE inner tube, aluminum connections and a braided polyester sleeve. Choose from different styles and lengths to suit your needs. Compact and expandable, ideal for large areas. Invest in quality and convenience for your watering needs.

Magic hose pipe 1/2"-1.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-2.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-3.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-4.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-5.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-6.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-7.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-8.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-9.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-10.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-11.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-12.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-13.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-14.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-15.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-16.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-17.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-18.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-19.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-20.jpgMagic hose pipe 1/2"-21.jpg

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