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Super strong magnet neodymium fishing magnet

Super strong magnet neodymium fishing magnet

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The product offered for sale is a Superstar neodymium fishing magnet t hook, a high performance rare earth magnet with countersunk hole eye screw in various sizes from 16 to 90 mm. These neodymium magnets, also known as neodymium iron boron or NdFeB magnets, are among the strongest permanent magnets on the market.

This super strong magnet offers high pulling force and can reach up to 10 to 772 lbs (pounds) depending on size. It is ideal for various applications such as magnet fishing, recovery, lifting, hanging and retrieving. The magnet features a countersunk hole and eyebolt for versatile uses.

The quality of this fishing magnet is outstanding. The strong magnetic force is concentrated on the base, while the other three sides are protected by steel shells that emit almost no magnetic force. This ensures lasting strength and a long service life. The magnet is manufactured under ISO 9001 quality systems.

The magnet is covered with a three-layer coating (Ni+Cu+Ni), which provides a shiny and rust-resistant surface. The coated steel cup protects the magnet from chips or cracks.

This neodymium fishing magnet hook is extremely versatile. It is perfect for underwater recovery of ferrous nickel materials and is a great solution for finding items such as eyebolts, screws, hooks and fasteners in warehouses, garages or gardens.

The magnets are made of neodymium material and A3 steel and have a silver coating. They are available in different diameters and offer a maximum vertical tension of 4kg to 350kg depending on the size.

In summary, the Superstar neodymium fishing magnet hook offers a powerful and versatile magnetic tool for various applications. It is characterized by its high quality, durability and effective magnetic adhesion.

Maximum vertical tension
J16mm: 4kg/10lbs
J20mm: 9kg/19lbs
J25mm: 19kg/41lb

J32mm: 32KG/70LBS
J36mm: 41KG/90LBS
J42mm: 61KG/134LBS
J48mm: 75KG/165LBS
J60mm: 120KG/265LBS ​​J75mm:
551LBS J90mm: 350KG/772LBS
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