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Solar Battery Charger

Solar Battery Charger

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20W Solar Foldable Bag is a practical and portable solar charger specially designed for outdoor use. With its monocrystalline silicon material and 8W power, it allows you to charge your electronic devices with solar energy on the go.

The foldable bag has an unfolded size of 48*18*1.6cm and can be folded compactly to a size of 18*11*3cm if necessary. This makes it easy to transport and takes up little space. You can easily store them in your backpack, bag or camping accessories.

The solar charger works efficiently at temperatures from -20°C to 50°C and is CE certified, confirming its reliability and safety. The built-in battery is made of polycrystalline silicon solar panel and offers a high conversion efficiency of 19.8%. This efficiently converts sunlight into electrical energy.

The charger has a USB output with a maximum output of 5V, 1.6A. It is compatible with various devices such as mobile phones, mobile power supplies, power banks and action cameras. Whether you want to charge your devices on the go or have a reliable power source in nature, this foldable solar bag is the ideal solution.

The outer packaging has a size of 20*14*4cm and the weight including packaging is 0.330kg. This lightweight and compact design allows you to easily carry the solar charger with you and quickly deploy it when needed.

With our 20W solar foldable pocket solar charger, you can efficiently use solar energy and charge your electronic devices on the go. Stay connected and reap the benefits of renewable energy with this handy outdoor gadget.

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