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Self-heating socks

Self-heating socks

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Ideal for cold days or as a gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

The "Self-Heating Socks Health Massage Socks" is an innovative product that helps improve blood circulation and keep feet warm. They feature a self-heating center tube that is heated by a chemical reaction triggered by contact with oxygen.

These socks are made of polyester, a resistant and durable synthetic fabric that is breathable and quick-drying. They are also thick and soft to protect the foot from cold and moisture.

The self-heating center tube of the socks gently massages the feet and improves blood circulation. They are also ideal to wear in cold weather conditions to keep feet warm and protect against colds.

These socks are the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from poor circulation, cold feet, or simply needs an additional source of warmth. They also make a great gift for someone who works or plays sports outdoors.

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