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Health massage socks

Health massage socks

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The SELF- HEATING health foot care socks

Pleasant warmth for your feet

They are made of pure cotton and have a standard size of 38-44 cm.

These socks create a slight warmth, similar to a neck or knee brace, but specifically for the feet. The warmth is pleasant and not excessive. The socks give off gentle warmth and have a certain health-promoting effect. Due to the structure of the sole, heat develops relatively slowly, so some people may not feel the heat immediately. Please note that these socks may not be suitable if you need very hot socks.

Caring for the socks is easy. They can be washed with cold water (below 40 degrees Celsius) and should not be treated with bleach containing chlorine. A chemical purification is possible. They can be hung up and ironed to dry. Please avoid twisting the socks.

A pair of socks is included. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of these self-heating health foot care socks and pamper your feet.

The SELF-HEATING Health Foot Care Socks-1.JPGThe SELF-HEATING health foot care socks-2.JPGThe SELF-HEATING Health Foot Care Socks-3.JPGThe SELF-HEATING Health Foot Care Socks-4.JPGThe SELF-HEATING Health Foot Care Socks-5.JPGThe SELF-HEATING health foot care socks-6.JPGThe SELF-HEATING Health Foot Care Socks-7.JPGThe SELF-HEATING Health Foot Care Socks-8.JPG

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