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Mariner's Melody women's dress

Mariner's Melody women's dress

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Discover elegance and water - Mariner's Melody

A long-sleeved women's dress in which lace and water merge into a masterpiece.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Mariner's Melody long-sleeved women's dress. This dress artfully combines the grace of lace with the lightness of water. Every look at this masterpiece evokes the feeling of gentle waves and distant horizons.

Product features:

Fabric: An exquisite chemical fiber blend covers this dress, creating an enchanting wearing comfort.

Style: Casual elegance defines this dress and allows you to wear it in a variety of ways.

Pattern: The combination of subtle solid color nuances and openwork lace gives the dress an incomparable texture.

Craft: With precise embroidery, every fine line on the fabric becomes a work of art that highlights the elegance of the wearer.

Skirt length: A medium-length skirt creates a harmonious balance between seduction and sophistication.

Style Type: The dress combines elements of urban casual fashion with a touch of glamour.

Size information:

  • S: Chest 90cm, Length 132cm
  • M: Chest 94cm, Length 132cm
  • L: Chest 98cm, Length 132cm
  • XL: Chest 102cm, Length 132cm
  • XXL: chest circumference 106 cm, length 132 cm
  • 3XL: Chest 102cm, Length 132cm

Discover the magical combination of lace and water with the Mariner's Melody long-sleeved women's dress and give your appearance an aura of timeless beauty and elegance.

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