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Dry construction assembly tool

Dry construction assembly tool

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The 2/4 piece dry construction assembly tool

is an indispensable tool for installing plasterboard. It is made of high quality ABS material and is available in red color. The set contains 2 pieces of assembly tools.

This tool provides an effective solution to relieve neck pain when holding up plasterboard and makes it easier for one person to operate. It enables the plasterboard to be effectively fixed, prevents unwanted movements and thus makes subsequent work easier. With this tool you can make work on sloping walls and ceilings easier and faster.

Using this assembly tool allows for faster work speed as it can speed up climbing a ceiling by 50%. It also supports more accurate operations as you can check whether the plasterboard is perfectly aligned before fixing.

The drywall installation tool is ideal for woodworking projects and is an essential accessory for drywall work. With its compact size of 15*8.5cm, it is easy to handle and transport.

The 2/4 piece drywall installation tool allows you to work efficiently and precisely to achieve professional results.

Drywall installation tool-essential-tool-for-installing-plasterboard-by-qwox-shop-com-1.jpgDrywall installation tool-essential-tool-for-installing-plasterboard-by-qwox-shop-com-2.jpgDrywall installation tool-essential-tool-for-installing-plasterboard-by-qwox-shop-com-3.jpgDrywall installation tool-essential-tool-for-installing-plasterboard-by-qwox-shop-com-4.jpgDrywall installation tool-essential-tool-for-installing-plasterboard-by-qwox-shop-com-5.jpgDrywall installation tool-essential-tool-for-installing-plasterboard-by-qwox-shop-com-6.jpgDrywall installation tool-essential-tool-for-installing-plasterboard-by-qwox-shop-com-7.jpgDrywall installation tool-essential-tool-for-installing-plasterboard-by-qwox-shop-com-8.jpg

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