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Cuirassier Motorcycle Knee Protector - Ultimate protection for off-road adventures

Cuirassier Motorcycle Knee Protector - Ultimate protection for off-road adventures

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Prepare for the off-road adventure of a lifetime and protect your knees with the Cuirassier motorcycle knee protector. Our knee protector, model K01-3, not only offers excellent protection but also unbeatable comfort. The flexible and pliable design allows you to move freely while maneuvering your motorcycle through rough terrain.

Our knee protectors feature a shorter overall length and hidden hinges for an even lower profile mold assembly. This means you feel protected without sacrificing freedom of movement. In addition, the knee protectors are equipped with highly efficient EVA foam for shock absorption and highly reflective material for safe night riding.

The Cuirassier knee protectors are versatile and are suitable not only for motorcycling and motocross, but also for activities such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding, football, volleyball, wrestling, paintball, weightlifting and much more. Your knee deserves the best protection, and that's exactly what our Cuirassier knee protector offers.

With shock absorption, reflective material and an adjustable design, they are perfect for motorcyclists and adventure athletes.

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