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Pet Bathing Device

Pamper your beloved pet with the “Hygi” pet bather - the ultimate comfort and massage device for a relaxing grooming time.

Bathing and massaging in one: Our innovative pet care device combines the benefits of a bath brush with a gentle water sprayer. Not only can you pamper your furry friend with a refreshing shower, but you can also offer them a soothing massage experience at the same time. It's like treating your faithful companion to a mini spa.

For all sizes and types: The professional dog shower features a uniquely contoured shape that is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds. With a 7.5-foot hose and 2 adapters for standard 0.6-inch faucets, you have the flexibility to use the device in the bathroom or garden and pick up the water conveniently.

Ergonomic Design: Our pet shower sprayer comes in the form of a comfortable massage glove. This clever design allows you to control your dog with both hands while gently massaging and cleaning him at the same time.

Effective cleaning: The unique water spray head offers maximum cleaning power and penetrates even thick fur. This effectively removes loose hair and reduces the stress of bathing, even for anxious animals.

High-quality materials: Made of durable silicone, ABS and hardware, the “Hygi” pet bather offers durability and comfort.

Pamper your pet with the ultimate grooming experience. With the “Hygi” pet bathing device, bathing becomes a relaxing spa moment for your beloved animal.

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