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Dog harness "Canopus"

We proudly present to you the “Canopus” – much more than just a conventional dog harness. It is a groundbreaking symbol of innovation and progress in the world of dog accessories. Through its design with LED light emission and explosion-proof webbing, it defines the standards for outdoor activities, especially during night adventures. Because safety and visibility are invaluable when you explore the world with your dog - and that's exactly what the "Canopus" guarantees.

But this is only the beginning. This masterpiece adapts to small and large dogs alike and features effortless dressing and removal for uncomplicated handling. The battery-operated function promises hassle-free use, and the washable and easy-to-clean material makes care a breeze.

Immerse yourself in the luminous world of “Canopus” tableware and turn your loyal companion into the brightest star in the sky. Perfect blend of functionality and style to provide your dog with safe adventures and maximum comfort.

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