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Military gloves

Military gloves

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Protect yourself in every activity

Our tactical army military gloves - for tough outdoor operations. Robust construction with reinforced palm, knuckle padding, double stitching and strong Velcro closure for ultimate durability and security.

The ankle pad protection and PU layer provide reliable protection, while elastic spandex and adjustable Velcro fastener ensure optimal freedom of movement.

Breathable ventilation design prevents overheating. Soft wrist material for added comfort. Loop design for convenient attachment to backpack.

Versatile - ideal for tactical operations, motorcycling, cycling, outdoor work and more. Sizes M, L and XL available. Carefully selected size taking into account finger length. Protect yourself during any activity with our gloves.

Package Included:1pc Tactical Army Military Gloves


The middle finger length for full finger gloves:
Palm width M: 17.5 cm
Palm width L: 19.5 cm
Palm width XL: 21.5 cm
Error range: +/- 0.3 cm

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