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World of sound

Experience music in its natural wooden beauty with EchoPulse - the Wooden Bluetooth Speaker that harmoniously combines sound quality and aesthetics. This little wonder speaker brings sound into your life, whether you're at home, in the office or on the go.

The EchoPulse combines minimalist design with powerful sound. Its real wood casing not only gives a natural and warm look, but also influences the sound in a unique way that ensures an authentic and rich sound quality.

With Bluetooth connectivity, the EchoPulse connects effortlessly to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Stream your favorite music wirelessly and enjoy the rich sound of this little wonder speaker. The built-in radio expands your music selection even more.

The EchoPulse is more than just a speaker - it's a versatile companion. Supported by TF card , you can play your music directly. The AUX connection option expands compatibility. The compact size and low weight make it the perfect partner for on the go.

Immerse yourself in worlds of sound that inspire your senses. Feel the music, feel the rhythm and experience sound in its purest form. The EchoPulse will delight you and take you into a world of sound that you have never experienced before.

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