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The 'ChicFocus' makeup enhancing glasses

Discover the ultimate solution to your makeup problem - the “ChicFocus” makeup enhancing glasses. These exquisitely designed reading glasses are more than just an accessory; It is your personal companion to take your beauty to a new level.

Imagine creating your makeup with perfect precision without making any compromises. Designed specifically for women with presbyopia, the 'ChicFocus' glasses offer a vision that reveals every detail of your makeup creations.

Experience the difference in style with our two alluring color options. The rotating lenses allow you to have an effortless and exquisite makeup experience. Choose the degree of hyperopia that is best for you and enter a world of precision and perfection.

Our “ChicFocus” is not just a pair of glasses – it is an investment in your self-confidence and elegance. With its cost-effective approach, it is the perfect choice for women seeking greater clarity and style.

Please note that only the “ChicFocus” makeup enhancing glasses are included. It's designed to streamline your makeup routine while making a statement in terms of design and functionality.


  • Product Type: Makeup Enhancing Glasses
  • Lens material: High quality resin
  • Frame material: Lightweight and durable PC
  • Strength options: +1.00 / +1.50 / +2.00 / +2.50 / +3.00 / +3.50 / +4.00
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Frame width: 135 mm (5.31 inches)
  • Lens width: 60mm (2.36 inches)
  • Height: 40mm (1.57 inches)
  • Leg length: 135 mm (5.31 inches)
  • Quantity: 1 piece

Immerse yourself in the world of flawless beauty and precision with the “ChicFocus” makeup enhancing glasses. Unleash your creativity, increase your confidence and experience the magic of magnifying vision. Turn your make-up into a work of art - only with “ChicFocus”.

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-1.jpg
The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-2.jpg

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-3.jpg

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-4.jpg

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-5.jpg

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-6.jpg

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-7.jpg

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-8.jpg

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-9.jpg

The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-10.jpg
The 'ChicFocus' Makeup Enhancing Glasses-11.jpg
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