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Flower Pot Heads #3D Printed

Flower Pot Heads #3D Printed

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Discover the fascinating " Flower Pot Heads " - a masterpiece of modern interior design!

This 3D printed polyface multi-legged planter is not only a container for your plants, but also a work of art that will transform your home into an oasis of creativity. Inspired by modern abstract art, this planter brings a whole new dimension of home decor to your life.

What makes the “Flower Pot Heads” so special?

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This planter is more than just a planter. Its creative design fascinates and attracts attention while also acting as a stylish element in your room.

  • 3D printing masterpiece: Each copy is 3D printed with the highest precision. The thick-walled construction and flawless finish convey a feeling of quality and durability.

  • Versatile: Whether artificial plants or real succulents - this planter offers the ideal place for your green friends and gives them an artistic touch.

  • Size information: With a height of 11.4 cm and a 10.2 cm wide rim, the planter offers enough space for plants up to 10.2 cm in size. The 1.3 cm drainage hole ensures optimal care.

  • High-quality material: Made from PLA, an environmentally friendly bioplastic, this planter represents sustainability and stylish elegance.

Bring life and art into your home with the “Flower Pot Heads”. Be inspired by its beauty and design your interior in a way that highlights your personal style.


  • Height: 11.4cm
  • Wide rim: 4"
  • Maximum plant size: 4"
  • Drainage hole: 1.3cm

Make a statement in your living space and experience the fusion of nature and art with the “Flower Pot Heads”. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

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