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Bastet moon cat metal wall art

Bastet moon cat metal wall art

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Aesthetics and symbolism combined

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of “Bastet” moon cat metal wall art. This intricately crafted piece of art captures the essence of the mysterious connection between cats and the night sky. With a unique blend of aesthetics and symbolism, this metal sign is perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

This versatile work of art is much more than just wall decoration. It can serve as a business sign, wedding sign, quote sign, love letter or welcome sign - the uses are endless. Each pack contains wall magnets and nails to display the sign in style.

Our attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this product. Each logo is carefully powder coated to ensure a smooth and durable finish. “Bastet” is the experienced choice for a custom metal sign that is both professional and durable.

The “Bastet” moon cat metal wall art is made of high-quality iron and is available in the timeless colors black and white. Measuring 30cm in size, it is an impressive statement piece that will enhance your decor.

Give your room a mysterious aura with “Bastet”. Bring this beautiful moon cat metal wall art home and be enchanted by its symbolic power.

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