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3D printed PolyLeg planter

3D printed PolyLeg planter

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Creative elegance for your home

Transform your home into a place of creative elegance with our 3D printed PolyLeg planter. This unique piece of home decor with its multiple legs will instantly become a talking point in any room.

Inspired by modern abstract art, this design captures the essence of creativity and adds a touch of originality to your interior space. Whether as a standalone or part of a floral arrangement, this planter makes a bold statement for your home.

Each model is 3D printed with extreme precision and care to ensure an impressive structure with sturdy walls and a flawless finish. We offer a selection of styles and sizes so you can choose the planter that best suits your style.

While artificial plants are particularly effective in this flower pot, you can also use real plants to bring a piece of nature into your rooms.

With dimensions of 9 x 9 x 6.2 cm, this planter fits perfectly on window sills, shelves or side tables. Made of high-quality PLA material, it is characterized by durability and environmental friendliness.

Add a touch of art and style to your home with the 3D printed PolyLeg planter. Let your creativity run wild and design your rooms in a unique way.

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3D printed PolyLeg planter with meh-5.jpg
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