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VistaSafe Car Glasses Clip Stylish

VistaSafe Car Glasses Clip Stylish

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VistaSafe car glasses and ticket clip

Carbon fiber car glasses clip: stylish and practical for on the go

Discover the Carbon Fiber Car Glasses Clip, an innovative car accessory that offers you greater convenience and organization. With high quality and practical design, this glasses clip is an elegant solution to keep your glasses, cards and tickets safe in the car.

Excellent functionality in the car

The carbon fiber car glasses clip is designed to make your car journeys more comfortable. This clip allows you to securely attach your glasses, sunglasses, cards and tickets to your car's sun visor. This means you always have your most important items within reach without obstructing the driver's view.

Robust material and stylish design

The glasses clip is made of high quality plastic, which is durable and lightweight at the same time. The design is both stylish and functional - the clip blends seamlessly into your car's interior while ensuring your glasses and other items stay securely in place.

Easy installation and universal fit

Installing the glasses clip is very easy. It can be attached to the driver's or front passenger's sun visor and fits in almost any car. This means you always have a safe place to store your glasses and other important things.

All in one

The carbon fiber car glasses clip offers more than just storage for your glasses. It has a built-in card folder and paper clip function that allows you to keep cards, tickets and documents secure. So you have everything you need in one place.

Perfect balance of functionality and style

The carbon fiber car glasses clip elegantly combines functionality and style. With this practical accessory you not only keep your glasses and items safe, but also add an extra dose of elegance to your car.

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