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USB Powerful xhp70.2

USB Powerful xhp70.2

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USB Powerful xhp70.2

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Discover the revolutionary "USB Powerful xhp70.2" LED flashlight - the ultimate light source for your adventures and outdoor activities. With this flashlight you have full control over the lighting and are ready for any challenge.

The flashlight is equipped with an XHP50 or XHP70.2 LED, which provides powerful and bright illumination. With 5 different lighting modes (XHP50) or 3 modes (XHP70), you can adjust the light intensity according to your needs. Whether you're looking for a gentle night light or an intense beam, this flashlight has it covered.

The flexibility in power supply makes this flashlight a real all-rounder. You can power it with a single 18650 or 26650 rechargeable battery or extend the working time by using 2 18650 or 2 26650 batteries. The battery capacity is shown to you on the practical display so that you always have an overview of how much power is still available.

Thanks to the telescopic zoom, you can adjust the focus as needed - from a wide beam of light for illuminating large areas to a sharp, focused beam for precise illumination. The flashlight is equipped with a micro USB port that makes charging a breeze. Whether on the computer, in the car or with a USB charging plug - you have full flexibility.

Made from durable military-grade HAIII aluminum alloy, this flashlight is shockproof and durable. With IPX-6 waterproofness, it is ideal for use in rainy weather. Whether at work, hunting, climbing, fishing or camping - this flashlight is your reliable companion.

Get ready to break through the darkness with the "USB Powerful xhp70.2" LED flashlight and experience lighting on a whole new level.

USB Powerful xhp70.2

Telescopic zoom

USB Powerful xhp70.2USB Powerful xhp70.2

USB charging, power display

USB Powerful xhp70.2
USB Powerful xhp70.2USB Powerful xhp70.2

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