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Towel stopper

Towel stopper

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Our towel stoppers are the ideal solution for neatly storing towels, washcloths and other textiles in your home.

These hole-free storage hooks are designed to meet your daily needs in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room.

Made of high quality and durable silicone material, these hangers are heat and cold resistant, meaning they are not easily deformed. The firm silicone material ensures your towels are held securely in place.

A special feature of these towel stoppers is that they are easy to use with one hand. You can easily pick up and place your towels without hanging them on hooks and avoiding collisions.

Installation is a breeze as no punching or gluing is required. Simply use the included adhesive stickers and once removed they will not leave any unsightly marks on the wall.

These towel stoppers offer strong stickiness and stay securely in place even when in contact with water. They are easy to use and pay attention to small details to improve your storage experience.

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