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Diesel oil liquid transfer pumps

Diesel oil liquid transfer pumps

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Unmatched versatility

Use your electric drill to unleash the power of this pump. Make transferring liquids a breeze!

Unleash the power of versatility with our diesel oil liquid water pump - a game-changing solution for your household transportation needs. This mini hand drill not only offers unmatched performance, but also remarkable self-priming capability for effortless fluid transfer.

Features that will impress you:

  1. Precision meets simplicity: With a sophisticated design, compact dimensions and low weight, this pump is child's play to install and use. No batteries required!

  2. High performance on demand: With an impressive flow of 1800 liters per hour, this pump impresses with stable performance and high efficiency.

  3. Chuck Compatibility: Use any drill chuck to create an effective fluid transfer pump. Your electric drill becomes a powerful pump!

  4. Robustness to perfection: The excellent workmanship of this pump guarantees not only corrosion resistance, but also remarkable wear resistance.

  5. Compact masterpiece: The compact design makes transport and storage child's play - practical and space-saving!

  6. Versatile Application: Perfect for transporting light liquids such as fresh water, sea water, oil, diluted organic solvents, pesticides and liquid fertilizers.

  7. Power Boost from Your Drill: This pump requires the use of an electric drill to unleash its impressive power.

Technical data that convinces:

  • Material: High quality plastic
  • Size: 126 x 63mm / 4.96 x 2.48 inches

Our diesel oil liquid water pump makes transferring liquids a breeze. Be it water, diesel or other liquids – this pump handles every challenge with ease. Seize the opportunity and make your life easier with this highly functional and innovative solution.

1 x Water Pump


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