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VoxBuddy Outdoor Emergency Radio Bluetooth Speaker

VoxBuddy Outdoor Emergency Radio Bluetooth Speaker

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Your all-in-one outdoor companion

In the wild or during sudden power outages, reliability is key. VoxBuddy, your loyal companion, combines an outdoor emergency radio, a Bluetooth speaker, a solar hand lamp and a mobile charging station in one compact device. A true marvel of technology that will make your adventures safer and more fun.

With VoxBuddy you will never be cut off from the outside world again. The radio's crystal clear stereo sound with 12 preset stations keeps you informed and entertained no matter where you are. The integrated solar charging technology ensures that your VoxBuddy is always ready for use. Even in remote areas, the sun is your source of energy.

The powerful 5000 mAh battery in VoxBuddy makes it a valuable companion for your mobile devices. Charge your smartphones or tablets to stay connected and capture memories even when you're far from power outlets.

In critical situations, VoxBuddy can also serve as a flashlight - a bright source of hope in the darkness. Your safety and that of your fellow travelers is our top priority.

The robust ABS material guarantees durability, while the compact design of 166 x 52 x 78 mm makes it the ideal portable companion. Whether you're hiking, camping or simply enjoying the freedom of nature, VoxBuddy is your ultimate rescue solution.

Take VoxBuddy with you on your next adventure and experience the marriage of technology and nature like never before.

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